Treat yo’ self…

…To Some Cake.


My sister and I are self-proclaimed comics that believe that it is good to laugh a lot and often so when she showed me a YouTube clip from one of her favorite televisions shows, Parks and Recreation-I could not help but laugh.  Sometimes, A lot of the time, I go out of my way to make others feel special, and on the flip side, I forget about little ol’ me.  This clip is very befitting and funny if you need a laugh.  On the hit, award-winning television show, Parks and Recreation, actor Aziz Ansari and actress Marietta “Retta” Sirleaf tell us about their favorite time of the year, and demonstrate how we should treat ourselves to anything we want for a day.  I know my treat is not an expensive designer bag or shoes, or even a lunch at a five-star restaurant but it is something that my sister and I have been trying to do forever. Though I’m on my healthy lifestyle kick, I decided to treat myself with something sweet since I have been eating very well lately.  That being said, my sister and I made a cake with whatever we had in the kitchen and it was delish!

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