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I went out with a friend this week to celebrate some good news and positive changes in my life.  We went to the movies to see “The Equalizer”  featuring Denzel Washington and Chloë Grace Moretz, and other great and even (dare I say) breakout stars.  The movie was so good, so good that the evening could have just ended right then and there, but we decided to swing by B.B. King Blues Club & Grill, Lucille Cafe in New York City Times Square 42nd Street and grab a bite to eat and enjoy a good show. That evening we were entertained to the point of dancing out of our chairs to the rhythm and sound of 45 Riots, a group filled with multi-talented musicians and artists. I had so much fun with the interactive group that I almost forgot it was a Wednesday night and that the weekend was a few days away. They performed covers of the great hits from all decades which had us all bumping in our chairs and then out of our seats.

Here are some more photos of my look for the evening and of their performance .

Tie-Dyed Affair 1.2

Outfit of The Day:

Gray Tie-Dye Shirt – St. John’s Bay

Black Cargo Silk Pants with Drawstring – Nira Nira New York

Cross Eternity Scarf – Wet Seal

Wedge Sneaker (Black): Thunder-22

My Beauty Mix:

beauty mix

Makeup & Nail Polish:

Mary Kay®Medium-Coverage FoundationBronze 500 + Bronze 504
Mary Kay® MK Signature – Bronze Highlighting Powder
e.l.f. Essential Cosmetics  – Lipstick – Posh (7706)
e.l.f. Essential Cosmetics  – Studio Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter (81502)
e.l.f. Essential Cosmetics – The Endless Looks Kit (51468)
Colors used from kit Heather Gray eye shadow, Taupe eye shadow, Shimmery Gold eye shadow, Shimmery Plum eye shadow (used on the cheek)
e.l.f. Essential Lip Stain – Crimson Crush (22124)
e.l.f. Essential Lengthening Mascara (White Tube)
e.l.f. Studio Eyebrow Lifter & Filler – Ivory / Medium
e.l.f. Essential 3-Piece Nail Polish Set – Vacation Trio – Punk Purple




Shop The Look

 45 Riots, featuring the very talented vocalist Kim Summerson

45 Riots - 1.2

Want to know more about  45 Riots? Check them out  on Facebook and watch exclusive videos on their main website.

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