I LIKE, I LOVE, I WANT: Rompers & Jumpsuits

I am no stranger to rompers and jumpsuits and the ease they provide when getting dressed, and with their fun colors and prints – making it a style perfect for every season, especially the summer.  It seems like others are catching on too.  I mean, check out some of the styles and the way other fashionistas have paired them. You can go with a spaghetti strap, a cap sleeve, sleeveless, backless or off-shoulder look and much, much more. I love to wear the ones with print s as you can tell from my previous posts, Skate Into The 90s and Let The Grass Touch My Toes from my Style Look Book.  So, after perusing the internet, I was feeling a bit inspired by  some of the beautiful rompers and jumpsuits and decided to categorize them into three categories: I like, I love, and I want in the photos below.

Let me know which ones you like, love or want!

Fun, Bright Colors:

Fun, Bright Colors_Fotor_Collage_Fotor

I Like - Jennifer Lopez Pleated Surplice-Back Romper (Hot Magenta)
I Love - Celine Strappy Romper (Coral)
I Want - Lilac Chain Strap Playsuit (Lilac); Show Me the Anemone Chartreuse Romper (Chartreuse)
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Black & White Tribal Prints


Wow…the last couples of days have sped by pretty quickly. I feel as if we were just in April and now we are toward the end of May.  So, it’s official spring has just brush passed us and now we are in summer. But, I am still keeping my eye on the weather and my cardigans ready. Anywho, I had wore this outfit (featured above and below) to an event with my mother and we had a great time.

Ever planned to go somewhere, bought tickets only to later realized that you already had other plans for that day? Well, that’s what happened, except my mom and I benefited. My aunt had double-booked herself and offered her tickets to us for a local show. With this look, I wanted to show the versatility of the outfit by taking pictures of the ways it could be worn (with the midriff showing or not which is how I wore it considering how drafty the weather has been but also because I do not have a very long torso. So it ending up looking like a tribal print dress instead of a crop top set.)

[Sidebar]:Eek…this is a first for me because I am very self-conscientious about ‘showing skin,’ so I feel nervous yet empowered at the same time. Long story, short, I am probably not the girl walking around the beach in a bikini but who knows…I am learning to be a limitless.

Now, if my kicks look familiar here it is because it is the sneaker wedges that I wore last year in my post, Fun Night to Be Tie-Dyed and Beautified.  To add some edge to this tribal print outfit, instead of wearing heels or wedges I went with the sneaker wedges. For the full look, check out the photos below.

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Snow Globe Weather: Part II


Have you ever had an outfit or even article of clothing that you have not worn because you just were not sure where or when you could wear it? If your answer is yes, then, just know that you are not alone. I have had this skirt for more than two years just sitting in my drawer for a ‘special’ event. Honestly, I believe that subconsciously I held onto it until I found something that would complement it.  Then, I came across this sweater from A’gaci in an 30 percent ‘after winter blowout’ sale. [Sidebar]: I thought the sale name was funny considering that the weather in this spring season, has been feeling more like a winter. Hence, the title of this post.

Then, as ‘luck’ would have it I had to go to two events — an anniversary / birthday celebration and church (I have missed going for a couple of months and I finally made an effort to go, and I am so glad that I did)  As the day went on, it had dawned on me that sometimes you just have to hold on or hold out because something better could possibly come along. I am definitely glad that I reconsidered giving this skirt away and other things.

If you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably seen the sneak peek of this look but you can check out the full details of my outfit collage below. Interested in my makeup? My beauty mix for this snowy weather is also below.

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