Rain and Fog

Rain and Fog - ColorMeLimitlessly 1

Growing up my mom always told me that rain is a blessing so this past week I’ve been  thinking let the skies open up. As for the cold air, I haven’t heard sayings about that so I’ll be okay if the weather bumps the temperature up to a solid 70 degrees. I promise you will hear no complaints from me. Anywho, I have been away from my blog and it is not out of lack of material but time to ensure the product is better than the last. Also, I have been working on my other life goals that I have been putting off for fear of not “succeeding”, but I have decided to go for it because the worst thing I could hear from anyone is “NO.” Continue reading

FBF: Last Day, Dress Down


Although our trip to México (seen here and here)  was a little over a month ago, I am still getting settled and finding more photos that I have not posted, and even some I completely forgot were taken. One of the photos being our last day in México.  It was very humid on our last day so much so that after taking these photos, we practically scurried up the escalator to catch a little more breeze from the ceiling fans in the hotel. (Well, at least I scurried up the escalator  in my mind) Continue reading