Lulu’s Giveaway – A Year of Dresses

A ‘Happy New Year!’ welcome is due as this is my first post for 2015.  As most bloggers would know, sometimes your first post can set the tone for your year, so I really wanted mine to be about something special.  And what could be more special than a giveaway that you and your bestie could enjoy. Lulu’s is hosting the Galentine’s Giveaway 2015, a giveaway that simply requires that you enter with you and your friend’s name and e-mail address to win a year’s worth of dresses.  Can you imagine? You don’t have to tweet it, like or follow Lulu’s on instagram, Facebook – just enter your e-mail address, it’s just that simple.  If you’re interested, you have between now and February 12, 2015, 11:59 p.m. PST.  The winner and their friend are will be selected at random and announced on February 14, 2015 (Valentine’s Day) on Lulu’s fashion blog.

If you have seen my post, Dress For the Wedding Guest, then you would know that I am no stranger to Lulu’s. I love their caliber and variety of dresses. Their dresses are classy, cute and elegant, so I had to jump on this myself and thought that this would be a great promotion to share with those who visit my blog. winning would be the perfect gift for you and your friend. You’ll practically have a dress for every occassion – birthdays, weddings and balls.

In honor of the Galentine’s Giveaway 2015, I have selected a couple of wish-list dresses, especially because this post just would not be complete without it.

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Style Look Book: I Feel Tall But The Heels Help

I Feel Tall But The Heels Help

I Feel Tall But The Heels Help by colormelimitlessly


I love the colors of fall but I love mixing them up even more.  As the weather continues to get further from the season we once celebrate  through songs such as ‘summertime,’ I welcome the fall and am in search of a good fall jacket.  In absence of this jacket, this past week I had to use the  slightly heavy but appropriate plaid coat.  BTW…the coat was appropriate until 3p.m, then it turned south..literally, the coat had to go unlike this outfit.  I paired this denim jacket with this multicolored flowy dress some soft and dark colors such as the purse and the heels and accessories.  This maxi dress is an eye-catcher as it allows for showing enough skin combined with colors can brighten any background. The hi-lo effect make it easy to show off the hidden platform oxford boots. Plus, it creates the illusion that your legs are longer, especially when paired with oxford boots.

Random Tip: Finding it hard to let go of the summery, flowy maxi dresses? Well, pair them with tights and leggings and your favorite jacket and boots. You’ll be surprise what kind of look you could pull off. 🙂

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My Dress Wish-list (Birthday Edition)


Art Deco Contour Dress_1_1894839


Thigh High Cut Out Dress_1_1884110_FS_85_


Up High Down Low Skater Dress_97403-e-black


Total Abstraction Bodycon Dress_97780-e-royalblack


Mesh 2 B Made Bustier Bodycon_100054-e-black


Ruse Muse Dress_5914


Aztec Feather Midi Dress_1_1921160


Lattice Back Bodycon Dress_1_1890135


Making Waves Midi Dress_1_1900094


A Fire Inside Flame Print Midi Dress_97868-e-fuchsia


In My Shadow Mesh Sheer Stripe_101387-e-black


Beige And Navy Blue Dress_148826


The dresses featured above are:

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