Style Look Book: I Feel Tall But The Heels Help

I Feel Tall But The Heels Help

I Feel Tall But The Heels Help by colormelimitlessly


I love the colors of fall but I love mixing them up even more.  As the weather continues to get further from the season we once celebrate  through songs such as ‘summertime,’ I welcome the fall and am in search of a good fall jacket.  In absence of this jacket, this past week I had to use the  slightly heavy but appropriate plaid coat.  BTW…the coat was appropriate until 3p.m, then it turned south..literally, the coat had to go unlike this outfit.  I paired this denim jacket with this multicolored flowy dress some soft and dark colors such as the purse and the heels and accessories.  This maxi dress is an eye-catcher as it allows for showing enough skin combined with colors can brighten any background. The hi-lo effect make it easy to show off the hidden platform oxford boots. Plus, it creates the illusion that your legs are longer, especially when paired with oxford boots.

Random Tip: Finding it hard to let go of the summery, flowy maxi dresses? Well, pair them with tights and leggings and your favorite jacket and boots. You’ll be surprise what kind of look you could pull off. 🙂

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