Sweet Summer Plum Sailin’


Before I kissed the summer sun and breeze goodbye, I went on a boat ride with some friends.  Despite the wait, I had  a lot of fun–okay, to be completely honest, my friends and I were there really early and there was no one at the port for our party boat ride so we ended up on a line with other passengers but for a completely different boat ride. I know, it’s funny now but when your feet hurt from standing so long you would not in the best of moods. Nonetheless, I had fun and shook my tail feather quite a bit and sat quite a bit too, take in the sights of NY.

Sometimes, when you live in a busy city, you can get caught up in the busy life that you do not take the time to just sit and enjoy the view. So, my friend and I thought that this would be a great way to see the city. After all, you really have no choice but to enjoy the view because you’ll be stuck on a boat for 3 hours.

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Feelin’ A Bit Boho-esque

Feelin' A Bit Boho-esque - 1

At the beginning of the week, I celebrated  a special day–my birthday and it was wonderful! (Hey, to those of you who have said that I look like I’m fourteen. Well, thank you.::wink, wink::)  Each year brings new blessings, lessons and memories and I am just happy that I am still around to experience all that life has to offer me so far. Over time, I have come to the realization that birthdays do not have to be big or loud for it feel like a celebration, but, that it should at the very least make you feel special.  

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I LIKE, I LOVE, I WANT…Sunglasses

Well, although the summer is coming to a close as the Labor Day weekend quickly approaches us,  there is one accessory that we do not have to store away in our summer things bins – our sunglasses!  Sunglasses are kind of  like high heels, because you can wear them year-round and they come in different cuts and styles. Last month, I created my first blog post for the “I Like, I Love, and I Want” series and it was received fairly well on Instagram that I wanted to keep it going by sharing some of my favorite sunglasses, starting as low as $3.90 to as much as $250. From colored and tinted lenses to retro and modern style frames, I love them all and in the photos below  you’ll see just how much.

[Sidebar} The health of your eyes are very important so for more information on what sunglasses work best for you,  you can visit MayoClinic, and research sunnies that are best suited for your eyes. Remember, all eyes are different and that what makes them beautiful, so let’s take care of them.

Let me know which ones you like, love or want! (Check out my last ‘I Like, I Love, I Want…’ post.)

these sunnies Got Me Going In Circles…

You Got Me Going In Circles_1024x1024_Fotor_Collage_Fotor

Column View (Top-Bottom)
I Like - Bates(English Oak); Natalie Round Clubmaster SunglassesDapper Vintage Inspired Spectacles Indie Fashion Sunglasses(9114)
I Love - Gianna Metal Maze Round Sunglasses(Gold Print); Vanguard Vixen Tortoise Sunglasses; Vintage Retro Steampunk Costume Round Circle Flip Up Clear Lens Glasses (2950)
I Want - Revved Up Like a Deuce Tortoise Mirrored Sunglasses; Go In Circles Round Sunglasses (Met Gold); Oversize Eye Brow Designer Inspired Round Metal (8626)
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