Style Look Book: Spring It Up!

Spring It Up!


Spring It Up! by colormelimitlessly featuring a pleated shirt


I am so excited! Why? Well, for the past couple of weeks the weather has been teasing me with this warm, then bitterly cold, and then warm weather.  Now spring is finally here. Today is the “officially” first day of spring and a special birthday (<3 ya Mom).

This spring look was inspired by a summer throw pillow designed by DENY Designs.  The pillow has a beautiful photo print of flowering with a mixture of colors: yellow, pink, orange and brown against a turquoise skyline background. With these colors, it was easy for have fun and add great pieces together like the necklace with the floral bag.  I know it is not too common but I think that adding a few dark colors to a spring look creates a great natural contrast.

Random Tip: If you are not too confident about wearing bright colors, try going brighter on the bottom  with a pair of  pants or a skirt.  Then, work your way up to the top and have fun with it.

Happy Spring!


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Style Look Book: Shed that Winter Skin…It’s Spring!

Shed that Winter Skin...It's Spring!


Shed that Winter Skin…It’s Spring! by colormelimitlessly 

Well, if you’re going by the calendar, spring is officially a couple of days away. Yet,  the weather has been quite friendly lately, dare I say–spring-y. I definitely loooove <3 to wear prints but snake skin is new for me.  I’m more of a cheetah, zebra and tiger print kind of girl that likes to mix patterns and prints so I can get down with this look.  The peplum top is a fan favorite. I mean, I have seen this top practically everywhere and that is primarily the reason I do not make looks with it because it used a lot. However, it really helped this look come together.


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