Laid Back In Stripes

Well, when you have a full work week every weekend seems special, but, this weekend was especially special.  This weekend I got to spend time with my family, reflect, laugh, share stories and make new memories that I can tell my children someday. It was my dad’s birthday and my Aunt’s birthday month so I spend the whole two-day weekend celebrating with food, drinks and laughter. Though this was a special weekend, I opted to wear a comfy, more laid back outfit for a casual birthday breakfast.

Now, ‘laid back’ doesn’t mean that you cannot add some flare. It just means that you are dressed a bit more casual and a little more comfortable than the button-down or up look. For this look, I went with stripes and not in the common colors like navy, red and black…but olive. And, not just olive stripes but asymmetrical stripes. Then, I paired it with some skips (aka skater sneakers) and cropped jeans, which are perfect if you want to show  your legs without going for the Nair full short, shorts look.

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Style Look Book: Let The Grass Touch My Toes

Let The Grass Touch My Toes

Let The Grass Touch My Toes by colormelimitlessly 


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