I Like, I Love, I Want…Winter Essentials

A Glove A Day To Keep Frostbites Away

I Like, I Love, I Want...Winter Essentials - ColorMeLimitlessly (gloves) (1)

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I Like - Echo Design Echo Touch Ruched Leather Mix Glove; Tech Touch Winter Gloves 3-Pack - Multicolor; Sequin Knit; 
I Love - Men’s UA ColdGear® Infrared Storm Stealth Gloves; Impressions By Isotoner® Women's Snowflake Gloves - Ivory; Faux Leather Gloves (Burgundy)
I Want - Ralph Lauren Tech Belt Gloves; Portolano Cashmere Popcorn-Knit Gloves; Faux Suede Gloves (Cream/Camel)

Well, hello there, if you have been following my blog you would know that I have been building up to this winter essentials post in my “I Like, I Love, I Want…” series.  And, I am so excited to present some of my favorites for this holiday season in part one of my “I Like, I Love, I Want…” holiday edition. Sometimes when getting dressed for the cold we forget to gear up on the essentials. Plus, if you’re a mom sometimes you wrap your children up like the a fuzzy snowman and you, yourself would throw on a scarf  on head straight the door – I had seen it happen! But, even if you are not a mom, these items are perfect to tuck away until a chilly, cold day.

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Style Look Book: Adventurous Day

Adventurous Day

Adventurous Day by ColorMeLimitlessly 


This look reminds me of Aria Montgomery, a character of ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars.

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