Steppin’ Up My Shoe Game – Fall 2014

Shoes - for Fall

I have always wanted to have an assortment of shoes.  I’m not talking Carrie Bradshaw but a girl can dream. I have fallen in love (no pun intended) with the fall colors for shoes, and I took some time put splurge on myself for a steal. Just yesterday,  I received my new pairs of shoes from A’gaci.

I might be a bit late, but for what it’s with, I have always wanted some wedge sneakers so I bought a pair and I really love these shoes.  It gives me just the right amount of height for a heel and the comfort of a sneaker…who wouldn’t want that? I also bought some comfy ‘skips’ in a red wine color and in grey. I tried them on as I got them because sometimes it is not easy to buy before you try them. #onlineshoppersissues. And…they all fit.  Yay to no returns!


Black Shoes

Shoe Box


Shoes Featured Above:

  1. Cooper 01 Laceup Girly Skater Sneaker: Charcoal, Wine/Burgundy – $12.50
  2. Prefix Snakeskin Contrast Lasercut Bootie: Black – $14.99
  3. Thunder-22 Mixed Materials Wedge Sneaker: Black –  $34.50


My Fall Mini ‘Lulu’s Shoes Wishlist:

Fall 2014 - Lulu's Shoe Game 1_Fotor Fall 2014 - Lulu's Shoe Game 2_Fotor



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My Style: Dress for the Wedding Guest

Wedding_Friend I know that it is about time that I show off some of my personal style so here is just a preview.  I went to my friend’s wedding a couple of years back and while I was searching for the perfect dress I stumbled upon this prom website. The dresses there were not only from proms but it had more prom dresses — probably, because it was around this time. I was so excited when I finally found the dress that I wanted. I had a moment — you know, the moment when your eyes widen and your jaw slightly drops. I was practically racing to get to the shopping cart because I started to notice that dresses were selling out after I refreshed my page.  I ordered it and it was in the hands of ground shipping. While awaiting the delivery of my dress I still kept searching.  I came across a dress that I also liked but I postponed purchasing since I was expecting my dress in the mail. When the dress finally  arrived I was so excited that I called my mom and my sister over to see it.  I tried it on and it did not fit. I was so upset because the wedding was days away – DAYS! I immediately contact the company to return it but I decided not to exchange because I was afraid that the same thing would happen. I measured everything just as it had ask and order my size based on the dress guide.  I ended up getting store credit to use until next year — (BTW, I completely forgot to use my store credit). Finally, I went back to that other site ( where I found a dress that I liked and ordered it without question. I told myself that if this dress did not fit I was going to go and find something in my closet even if it was a pants suit.   The second dress had fit and looked A-MAZ-ing! I took pictures after the wedding. I could not find the other pictures… 🙁  Lulu’s site has great dresses for practically all events (weddings, birthdays and oh yeah…prom) and what makes it more awesome are the promotional discount codes like ‘IET54F‘. With this code, you would be able to get an additional 20% Off Dresses on sale from now until June 30.    

UPDATE:  I want to be completely honest and state that Lulu’s is an affiliate with The dress featured above was purchased over 2 years before the affiliation was established, but the code was given through this recent affiliation for promotional purposes.

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Hey, Soul Sister!


Sister Day - 41914 pic 1_1

Avocado Fries

Sister Day - 41914 - Pic2_1


Sister Day - 41914 (Pic 3)_1


Sister Day - 41914 (pic4)_1

My sister and I are continuing are monthly adventures where we choose various spots such as restaurants, museums, movie theaters or the theatre for Broadway shows and more.  Last month was my sister’s turn to choose and she selected a cool restaurant, nothing short of exciting in Williamsburg (Brooklyn) called Viva Toro.  The restaurant was fun and the people there were very inviting and I’m not just talking about the service – my sister and I shared a couple of laughs with other guests. Besides the foods (photos posted featured),  Viva Toro had a mechanical bull that you can ride for just a $5 fee.  Though we did not ride the bull and were not able to see other guest ride the bull, I’m sure that we will be visiting this restaurant again soon.

Since the night was still young…this is not where are day ended. In fact, we hopped on the train and walked into H&M and other stores on 34th Street to find some items for spring and Easter.  When I go shopping I do not shop for items that are trending but that look and make me feel good wearing them.  I mean, have you ever went shopping with a friend, a family member or a significant other and did not necessary care for shopping but when you came across an item that caught your eye you were in awe? Well, while browsing through the H&M I had that feeling when I came across this affordable bright belt. I immediately stopped in my tracks and thought to myself – I could wear this with anything.  See below for a picture of it.

This month, I’m trying to plan our day – any ideas? I have a few but I am open to others.

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