Casually Saturday Morning

Casually Saturday Morning - Casual 1

This past weekend was as Mr. Lionel Richie says as  “easy like Sunday morning.” My auntie and her best friend invited me to a Caribbean church breakfast and it was fun. We heard the word and played games and danced. Now, I cannot speak for everyone but I will say that

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Ignite the Light and Let It Shine

Firework - 4

 I have been meaning to post this a while ago as it was during labor weekend, but life happens, right?  I usually do not go out much on big holidays, but a good friend had invited me out to a New York traditional attraction, Coney Island & the Boardwalk, which had hosted a fireworks show.  I know…I have seen fireworks  before but it is a different experience when you are experiencing with a larger crowd, especially those who were as excited as I was. The people were friendly–no pushing or shoveling to see the fireworks. It is an event that is  family-friendly, dog-friendly  and made for the kids at heart.  I had not been My friends and I went out a when on a ride.  Aside from the weather going straight turning into  fall as the night fell while I was decked out in my summer gear, it was a great night.  To see the awesome firework that I saw feel free to check it out on my Google+ page.  The footage was too big to upload for this post.  It features two of my favorite songs  by Katy Perry and P!nk (not together, but that collaboration would be interesting, wouldn’t it?)  I hope you all had a wonderful summer and now a great fall.

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Out In Yellow And Into The Blue

Gospel on the Sea - Yellow, Blue (Ocean)

Last week, I attended a very fun and interesting boat ride with my family and friends called Gospel on the Sea. I went last year and the color theme was peach and this time it was yellow. I have a thing for theme parties, especially color theme events. So I practically jumped at the opportunity to step out into the blue with my yellow top. (My brother kept saying my top was not yellow enough. It’s yellow, though. haha.) It was good – they had great food, music and raffle prizes, and everything was all in good fun. More than anything, I truly loved the fact that we were on a boat getting fresh air. The day we went was beautiful. The ocean and the sky were a great shade of blue. Okay, I wasn’t  gazing upon the clear blue in the Caribbean but, in New York, you appreciate the big and little things.  My hair was flying everywhere – just the way I like it on such days and I felt fantabulous so I asked my sister to capture the bliss.

After the boat ride, we had a good ole’ time  taking photos which led to an impromptu photoshoot with my sister, mom and me. I hope you all enjoy! Check out the shop the look below or on Glamhive.

Out in Yellow & Into The Blue (Ocean)- 2

Collage - Out in Yellow and into the Blue (Ocean)


Multicolored Green and Yellow Necklace – Bianca Nygard
Yellow Ribbon Top
White Capri Pants – Banana Republic
Tan Sandals with Multicolored Details





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(Smooth Sailing)

(Ocean) Out In Yellow And Into The Blue - ColorMeLimitlessly by Kaisha
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