Lippies x ColourPop…Shades For Days

Red – A lady who wants to make a statement and let the world know that she is here, and ready to ROAR! (I had a Katy Perry moment – I just couldn’t resist.) Some might say that red is NOT for everyone, but that is only half true.  It is part true because some have not found their red. Yes, I said it! Everyone has a red, their own red that makes them look and feel beautiful. Now, the only question is how can you find your red? Well, the other ways you would go about looking for everything else. Right now, you are probably thinking – ‘umm, Google’ or ‘through trial and error.’ And, guess what those ways are great, but wouldn’t it be easier if someone else tried the colors for you.  What I mean by that is, instead of searching for lip colors for light, medium or dark skin tones, go straight to the source and find what I like to call you ‘skin twin‘.   Your skin twin is just that, someone with the same or a similar skin tone as you. Peruse their pages and see what lip colors (hey, just fyi people are saying ‘lippies’ now)they are pulling off.  More times than none it is your color, too.

Check out some of the lippies that I chose from ColourPop for everyday and practically every season….(pssst…I wear red.)

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Sweet Summer Plum Sailin’


Before I kissed the summer sun and breeze goodbye, I went on a boat ride with some friends.  Despite the wait, I had  a lot of fun–okay, to be completely honest, my friends and I were there really early and there was no one at the port for our party boat ride so we ended up on a line with other passengers but for a completely different boat ride. I know, it’s funny now but when your feet hurt from standing so long you would not in the best of moods. Nonetheless, I had fun and shook my tail feather quite a bit and sat quite a bit too, take in the sights of NY.

Sometimes, when you live in a busy city, you can get caught up in the busy life that you do not take the time to just sit and enjoy the view. So, my friend and I thought that this would be a great way to see the city. After all, you really have no choice but to enjoy the view because you’ll be stuck on a boat for 3 hours.

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Feelin’ A Bit Boho-esque

Feelin' A Bit Boho-esque - 1

At the beginning of the week, I celebrated  a special day–my birthday and it was wonderful! (Hey, to those of you who have said that I look like I’m fourteen. Well, thank you.::wink, wink::)  Each year brings new blessings, lessons and memories and I am just happy that I am still around to experience all that life has to offer me so far. Over time, I have come to the realization that birthdays do not have to be big or loud for it feel like a celebration, but, that it should at the very least make you feel special.  

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