Style Look Book Date Series: Day Light & Night Bright

Day Light & Night Bright


Day Light & Night Bright by colormelimitlessly 

Color is everything. It can change your mood, brighten a room or even make a less interesting outfit all the more interesting. Summer’s here and now you are wondering what to wear and how to wear it.  I say try everything and as always mix and match to see colors to find out which ones make you feel good and brighten your outfit. With this look, not only odd I play with color but I also played with patterns and textures. I always wanted to try a look that have a crop top and I love the idea of it – it’s short and cute. I bought a top online and thought that small was a universal size but  FYI – it’s not. ;-( What I means is that just because the small fits in one brand does not mean that it would fit in another.  Let’s just say, I have a crop top but it was not intended to be that way. LOL. This look I was motive by the bright colors that surrounds us during this time – the ocean, grass and the outdoors in general. Nature is beautiful so why not wear it.

Random Tip:  Colors, especially bright colors are awesome so try experimenting. Mix ‘n’ match a little and you might find that the not so interesting pair of pants or top that seems a century behind the trend of our times are fabulous when paired with some of color. 

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Yellow+Green Color Block

CML - 62014

Look of the Day:

 White Sleeveless Cowl Neck Top with Shoulder Military Snap Buttons
Off -White Blazer
Yellow Knee Length Pencil Skirt
Green Flat Shoes / Brown Pointed Toe Shoes
BIANCA NYGARD – Yellow and Green Geometric Necklace
Fresh Water Pearl and Diamond Earrings


I only took one or two photos of this look and it was last minute and at the end of a long day, but I still thought I shared.  On Friday (Happy Birthday, Auntie [6/20]), I spent a considerable amount of hours shoe shopping with my sister after hanging out with some coworkers and I was done.  I put this look together in my head before getting dress like I usually do and it turned out better than I had expected.  I received a considerable amount of compliments and positive comments.

It was my second time wearing the necklace, which was a gift from my sister, and it thought that it would look awesome paired with my yellow pencil skirt.  Although, I do wear a lot of pencil skirts but this one was a little more form-fitting than usual.  Nonetheless,  I did not feel like I was wearing saran, in fact,  it was very comfortable.  I complete this look, I added a cool off-white blazer and green flats from, but I later had to toss and replace them in for some brown pointed shoes.  Let’s just say I’m glad that I work near a boutique.


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Style Look Book: Intro

Welcome to My Growing Style Look Book

Hello Everyone,

I love to create and recreate styles combining former eras with more modern looks, mixing different patterns and textures. But, all in all, I love to share my style with others.  I could be eclectic (Love Me And All My Stripes and Travel In Your Own Style)  one day or a minimalist (Passionate MidnightDaring Lady and Unexpected) the next, so I have a set for every girl’s style. I am very sporty (street style – Simply Studded) when running errands such as going the post office to send out mail, preppy mix classic style (City Looks Good on You) when on my way to work, and edgy when going out with my sister and friends  (Check Mate).  I hope you enjoy this post as it is set to change as I create more sets on My Polyvore, so you can always come back to this page for see all the fashion sets all at once.  That was not something I planned but I rather make a not so great thing a positive instead of dwell over it – that creates unwanted wrinkles!  I’m not necessarily restricted to one style because I wear a little bit of everything.

I’m still getting pictures off my camera so I hope I can post my style soon.

Be Limitless!


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