Collar, Pearls and Heels | Mona PLL Style

This past week has been quite surreal because I have accomplished a bit but I have not fully accepted it. Sometimes I feel like for me to accept something as fact, it has to be my reality or come to fruition for me to use my accomplishment. Until then, I am in this short, awkward phase of life. It just like when you graduate high school or college and get the “now what” feeling. Until you reach the next “now” moment, you start to feel like you are in a phantasmic stage – which is okay, as long as you do not stay there. That being said, I encourage anyone and everyone to continue to strive for their goals. You might not get there when others want you to or even when you ‘plan’ to be it does not mean that it is not possible.

This look is inspired by none other than the brainy and charmingly witty, Pretty Little Liars (PLL) character, Mona.

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Colors of the Wind: PLL Aria Style

PLL: Colors of the Wind (Aria) - CML by Kai (1)

It’s April! What? When? How’d that happen? Ah, Goodgogamoga! Well, it’s here, and we are back in action. I just needed a minute to get situated. I’m ready! You ready?

As some of you may know Pretty Little Liars, the hit TV show well-loved by most of us will be leaving the air soon. :: Sigh:: I know, but I couldn’t let it go without off the air without a proper fashion salute. So, throughout the next few weeks I will be posting three styles from each of our girls. Yes, even Mona, who’s kinda sweet nowadays….well, depending on how far along you are in the series.  To start it off, I figure I go with my fashion favorite, Aria.

Okay, I’m going to take you all back for a minute with this look, PLL peeps this look is from none other than season one. Yes, yes, say you remember. If not, I also posted a photo that inspired my look :: cue the memory bubble.

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Style Look Book: Let’s Dance In Paradise

Let's Dance In Paradise

Let’s Dance In Paradise by Colormelimitlessly


Okay, now get that ‘old man’s  Hawaiian shirt’ comment out of your mind and give this look a try.  After all helps put this look together, yes, but to be completely honest this whole look started with the neon skirt. The shoes and other accessories came after.  I was aiming for a look that screams paradise and island chic — the earrings though gold are shaped somewhat like a shell that one might found washed up on the shore.  The shoes were an added pop of color because you really cannot have too many colors on in the summer. It’s SUMMER! It’s HOT! The colors are HOT – relationship, acquired.I plan to take a trip to paradise (anywhere free of work, with sand, water, drinks and good people) so until I go, why not dress the part?

Random Tip:  Wanna look like summer add neon colors to your wardrobe. Hey, you can even try it on your lips — Orange is not just the new black, in fact, it is one of the most popular and boldest oranges of the summer. 



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