Oh.My.Maxi: PLL Alison Style

Oh.My.Maxi: PLL Alison Style - CML by Kai (1)

Hello, hello, hello.  I took a mini break for the holidays, but I’m back. I hope you and your loved ones had a wonderful weekend as well. Now, two weeks ago, I started the Pretty Little Liars (PLL) – inspired look series, in honor of the fashion forward suspense drama TV show coming to a close this year. I love the show and most important fashion-wise, my blog loves the clothes. I started the series off with my favorite fashionable character, Aria, and much like the shoe will leave you in suspense with who will be the next character to have their inspired look on CML.

In need of a flashback, ok, ok – here, we go again:: cue the memory bubble::.

Oh.My.Maxi: PLL Alison Style - CML by Kai (2) Collage

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Stop ‘N’ Swap: Community Reuse Events


When reading the daily newspaper (AmNewYork) I stumbled across the posting about a Stop ‘N’ Swap event hosted by NYC Recycles and GrowNYC throughout some of the NYC boroughs and thought immediately that I have to share this information. One, because it is free; and two, if the first reason was not good enough, this is the perfect event for you to donate your clothes or household items that might otherwise be crowding up your closet, drawers, catching dust or doubling as a paperweight.  Plus, if you see something you like and will need,  you can swap it or just take it to go.  After all, their motto is ‘ you don’t have to bring something to take something’ so go for it.

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