Lippies x ColourPop…Shades For Days

Red – A lady who wants to make a statement and let the world know that she is here, and ready to ROAR! (I had a Katy Perry moment – I just couldn’t resist.) Some might say that red is NOT for everyone, but that is only half true.  It is part true because some have not found their red. Yes, I said it! Everyone has a red, their own red that makes them look and feel beautiful. Now, the only question is how can you find your red? Well, the other ways you would go about looking for everything else. Right now, you are probably thinking – ‘umm, Google’ or ‘through trial and error.’ And, guess what those ways are great, but wouldn’t it be easier if someone else tried the colors for you.  What I mean by that is, instead of searching for lip colors for light, medium or dark skin tones, go straight to the source and find what I like to call you ‘skin twin‘.   Your skin twin is just that, someone with the same or a similar skin tone as you. Peruse their pages and see what lip colors (hey, just fyi people are saying ‘lippies’ now)they are pulling off.  More times than none it is your color, too.

Check out some of the lippies that I chose from ColourPop for everyday and practically every season….(pssst…I wear red.)

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Snow Globe Weather: Part II


Have you ever had an outfit or even article of clothing that you have not worn because you just were not sure where or when you could wear it? If your answer is yes, then, just know that you are not alone. I have had this skirt for more than two years just sitting in my drawer for a ‘special’ event. Honestly, I believe that subconsciously I held onto it until I found something that would complement it.  Then, I came across this sweater from A’gaci in an 30 percent ‘after winter blowout’ sale. [Sidebar]: I thought the sale name was funny considering that the weather in this spring season, has been feeling more like a winter. Hence, the title of this post.

Then, as ‘luck’ would have it I had to go to two events — an anniversary / birthday celebration and church (I have missed going for a couple of months and I finally made an effort to go, and I am so glad that I did)  As the day went on, it had dawned on me that sometimes you just have to hold on or hold out because something better could possibly come along. I am definitely glad that I reconsidered giving this skirt away and other things.

If you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably seen the sneak peek of this look but you can check out the full details of my outfit collage below. Interested in my makeup? My beauty mix for this snowy weather is also below.

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Snow Globe Weather: Part I



For the last couple of days, the weather has been a bit brutal. It has been snowing nonstop. I really feel for those who had to shovel snow and salt their sidewalk and street, and then hear that they have to do it all over again two days later.  This weather has made me really lazy – I mean, in my PJs lounging all over house…sleeping in without a care in the world.  Despite this ‘sleep in’ weather, I wanted to look fashionable and feel comfortable going out so I went with this midi dress that I recently purchased, paired it with my also navy cardigan and favorite boots.  I also did my makeup, which looks difference inside than it does outsides in these photos.  I love cool colors but I did not know that I could pull it off.  It was more like a ‘go for it, you might like it’ type of day so I tried it and I like it. I hope I inspired someone to try a look they have always wanted to try and work it.  For more information on my makeup, check out my beauty mix and photos below.

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