Black & White Glam…

Not Just Black & White - ♡ ColorMeLimitlessly ♡ - 1

I’ve always had a liking to the black and white television shows, and old Hollywood glam which is what inspired this ‘coming home’ look. This past weekend, I was returning from a mini-vacation in Florida and was not sure if I should have worn a life jacket, a parka or both with the supposed weather that New York had been having [::Clears throat:: Thunderstorms,(plural) really?] 

Taking a modern spin on Hollywood glam, I chose to go for stripes and other shapes while keeping the black and white theme.

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Sweet Summer Plum Sailin’


Before I kissed the summer sun and breeze goodbye, I went on a boat ride with some friends.  Despite the wait, I had  a lot of fun–okay, to be completely honest, my friends and I were there really early and there was no one at the port for our party boat ride so we ended up on a line with other passengers but for a completely different boat ride. I know, it’s funny now but when your feet hurt from standing so long you would not in the best of moods. Nonetheless, I had fun and shook my tail feather quite a bit and sat quite a bit too, take in the sights of NY.

Sometimes, when you live in a busy city, you can get caught up in the busy life that you do not take the time to just sit and enjoy the view. So, my friend and I thought that this would be a great way to see the city. After all, you really have no choice but to enjoy the view because you’ll be stuck on a boat for 3 hours.

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Feelin’ A Bit Boho-esque

Feelin' A Bit Boho-esque - 1

At the beginning of the week, I celebrated  a special day–my birthday and it was wonderful! (Hey, to those of you who have said that I look like I’m fourteen. Well, thank you.::wink, wink::)  Each year brings new blessings, lessons and memories and I am just happy that I am still around to experience all that life has to offer me so far. Over time, I have come to the realization that birthdays do not have to be big or loud for it feel like a celebration, but, that it should at the very least make you feel special.  

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