Style Look Book: Winter White Strut

Winter White Strut

Winter White Strut by ColorMeLimitlessly


This look is an oldie but a goodie. You just cannot go wrong with a monochromatic look – one, no one can say that you do not match, and two, you can accessorize without really overwhelming the look. If you currently are on the East coast in the U.S., you’ll probably understand how befitting this look is for the weather have been having. Snow, snow everywhere and chunks upon chunks of ice. This outfit takes being one with nature to a whole new level, but, in a fashionable way I might add. As ‘Old Man Winter’ continues to shower us in snow, finding more ways to be fashionable in the cold can be fun like pairing this winter white with rose gold and light chocolate mousse accessories.

[Sidebar]: I’m clearly a foodie – chocolate mousse, that would be so good right now.

Random Tip: Afraid of the monochromatic look? Pair the look with shoes or tights that are a different color – it would give the look a bit more pazazz. You’ll be surprise what kind of look you could pull off. 🙂

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