Style Look Book Series: Simply Studded

Simply Studded


Simply Studded by colormelimitlessly 


Happy Friday! Hope all is well, and everyone is ready for the weekend – whether for rest or excitement. Now, this fall season has been a bit funky for those of us in New York, but nonetheless exciting in the sense that we have had about three of the seasons rolled into one. We’ve had winter (i.e.,  Falling for Red), then we had summer with the sudden spike temperature, and now it seems like we are back to a happy medium that is for the season of fall.

It’s been a while since I have posted on my Style Look Book, and I found an outfit that I put together a while back. This outfit is all the more fitting for this comfortable weather we are now having.  We have some of the usuals when it comes to the standard fall colors – green, rusty orange, plum, and a few neutrals. But, I rarely see the color blue, so I thought that it would be so perfect to throw it into the mix. When I see this look, I cannot help but think of a woman walking down the sidewalk jamming to her favorite songs and doing so as effortlessly as possible.


RANDOM TIP: Gold is a classic, timeless color that is perfect for wear all year round. Spikes and studs add an instant punk rock to a casual look.

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