Style Look Book: Let The Grass Touch My Toes

Let The Grass Touch My Toes

Let The Grass Touch My Toes by colormelimitlessly 


Yay! Summer is here?  Well, it usually is but this  New York weather is saying otherwise. Who would have thought that we’d still be getting April showers for May flowers in June. (Ha ha…Did you catch that? I just threw a little nursery rhyme) Ok, on to this outfit. This is one  of the looks I created on Polyvore for a floral outfit contest. It did not make list but I still believe that this would make a great outfit for this season.

This outfit has the right amount of color and a just enough matching details so that it feels and looks more natural. You know, the “I just found these items lying around” or the “I didn’t wake up like this but I can make you believe I did” look.  So to keep this easy, breezy look, I chose to go with a romper / jumpsuit because it exudes effortlessness – you just have to jump in or step in!  It is also inspired by the beauty beyond our walls, hence the title, “Let the Grass Touch My Toes.”  Well, that reason and also because it has the open toe sandals.

Pedicure, you say, don’t mind if I do. In fact,  it is already on my schedule for next week.

RANDOM TIP: YOU can get away with matching your ACCESSORIES with parts of your outfit if the boldest color is left to stand out on its own.

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