Style Look Book: Denim on Denim – Style In A Flash

Denim on Denim - Style In A Flash

Denim on Denim – Style In A Flash by Colormelimitlessly


Now, if you grew up in or seen shows from the ’80s or even the early to mid-’90s, you might remember this look. I’m channeling ‘Full House‘ and ‘Sister, Sister‘ for this popular denim on denim look with the overalls / jumpsuits. This look is sort of a continuation of the monochromatic look I posted last month and it is what I call the ‘denim on denim,’ commonly known as the chambray look.  The look dwindled as we entered the twenty-first century but now it is back for both the older and newer generations to enjoy. So, if you have a chambray shirt or denim overalls way back in your closet or in your storage bin – it is okay to wear it again, with no judgement of being outdated. I decided to dress this look up by piling on the various colors and shapes of necklaces, making two necklaces the main pieces and adding the other necklaces each one longer than the last. Though the necklaces were to dress up the look, I still wanted to make this a casual chic outfit, so I added the oh so grey fabulous floppy hat and bone-colored fringe handbag. As for the flats, it is a quick and easy go-to for a day out on the town when you want to feel comfortable without losing an alluring charm. But, if you live for your heels – I say strut like the runway was made for you.

Random Tip:  Show your style and do not be afraid to accessorize. You can adorn your wrists with bangles of various colors, shades or even shapes. Sometimes a ‘plain’ outfit can be made anew with your accessories (purse, clutch, necklaces, earrings and more).

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