Style Look Book Date Series: Concrete Jungle

Concrete Jungle


Concrete Jungle by colormelimitlessly



Let your stylish animal out!  Most wardrobes for springtime are filled with pastel colors but I wanted spice it up with some bolder patterns, prints and as always–color.  Most of the color choices that I used in this outfit would be compared to the summer, but the white coat makes this look what I like to call “season-flexible.” It’s season-flexible because you can wear this outfit in the spring with pale or nude heels, and then in the summer with sandals (wedges – optional). I titled this look the concrete jungle because each article of clothing represents an animal or thing that can be found in the jungle and I’m a NYC girl, of course!   Plus, the pants alone would make one feel like they were in a tropic jungle.

Random Tip:  Let other surroundings inspire you. It could be the jungle or the desert or even an fuzzy friend (tigers, lion, etc.) You would be surprise with the looks you can create.


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