Style Look Book Date Series: Classic Black, Gold & Flowers

Classic Black, Gold and Flowers - ColorMeLimitlessly - Florals

Classic Black, Gold and Flowers by Colormelimitlessly


About to tuck away those florals? Well, I sure hope not because it would go perfectly with that faux leather skirt or those pants that you didn’t get to wear yet.  Not to mention, it can be worn season-round, depending on how you pair it. Like this ensemble, I love the light, breezy, slightly edgy chic look from the leather and pairing of black accessories. Check out the black and gold accessories that allow this look to have a bit of an edge and still exude some class. This outfit can go out in the day or night, so that why it makes for a great date look. Okay, let’s not forget the heels–a good nude or blush shoe never hurts an outfit so why not   add some sass to it with cool shape cut-outs.

If you like this date look,  check it out the date looks on my Instagram under #ColorMeLimitlesslybyKaisha. Looking for the perfect coat for the season – check out I Like, I Love, I Want…Coats .

RANDOM TIP: Black is the ultimate color of fashion. Why do you ask? It’s because it can be worn with absolutely anything, So, if you can find the ‘perfect’ color to wear to an event, try a black ensemble. Now, gold would be The next best color to wear out. Think ABOUT It, who doesn’t look good in gold? It’s not infused in lotions and facial creams for nothing. 😉

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