Style Look Book Date Series: Casual Day

Who Said This Isn't Casual?


Who Said This Isn’t Casual? by colormelimitlessly


This is a great daytime date look.  Who says you can’t be comfortably casual and cute?

Though this look is trendy, it is pretty casual, too.  After all, it contains a denim top or chambray shirt–if you’re  fancy.  It screams bold yet casual because although each article of clothing is a statement in and of itself like say the cheetah print loafers and the bright red-orange pants, you can arrange them in a way to diverts the eyes from focusing on all three at the same time.  In the meantime, your date can focus on you (wink, wink).

[Sidebar]:  The cheetah print is an ongoing trend, it been around when my  grandmother was living, when my mother was my age, and it’s still here.  It’s always cool when someone asks me “where’d you get that top?”, because I can say that it’s from my mom’s closet without feeling weird.  Nowadays, the looks from the past are the looks for the future, and the present looks are just from yesterday’s tomorrow. 🙂

Random Tip: Tucking and untucking a shirt can turn a dressy look into a casual look in a flash. Going to the theatre – tuck! Going to the grocery shopping – untuck!  It’s the wonders of tucking.



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