Stripes With Flare Skirt

Stripes With Flare Skirt - ColorMeLimitlessly by Kaisha (1)

Last week, I attended the home-going of one of my favorite aunts and godmothers, and it was not as sad as I thought it would be. I think it is because my Auntie Morway was a devout Christian, who opened her arms and heart to anyone and everyone.  When I went to the wake, I planned on speaking, but when the chance came, I choked. It bothered me all night that I could not share my story of her wonderful life. But, if I had not choked this is what I would have said:

She would give and give all of herself to others and do so with a joyful heart, so it was a bittersweet moment when I heard that she had past. My aunt loved me to the point where I wonder how could someone love me so much. :: I just had a moment:: I mean when people say love with the love of Christ that is how she made me feel. And I am sure she made a lot of people feel this way. She did not have a bad word to say about anyone, and I mean ANYONE and she was not one for gossip or judging others. When you were around her, you could not help but smile because her spirit was joyful and affectionate.

Growing up I would think to myself this lady remembers when my birthday is coming before I do – haha.  I was a big fan – huge fan of Barbie, so I remember she made me a Barbie cake from scratch every year. Oh yeah, and it was good. I would tell my siblings to cut away from the face a near the frock so that the cake would last longer. I hold this memory really dear to my heart because when my grandmother passed away when I was younger my Auntie Morway helped to fill the void of not having a grandmother growing up. For that, I will forever be grateful. All I hear when I hear anyone reference her passing this song rings in my head: “Soon and very soon we are going to see the King…Hallelujah, hallelujah, we are going to see the King.” Rest well, my sweet Auntie Morway. I love you. 

Now, I know my aunt would appreciate my outfit as she was one who loved the dress up, and did it well. I have been rocking this high bun for a few days and thought that it would look classy with this flare skirt that I purchased the end of last year, but never wore. The same thing can be said for these shoes and still have not worn them out yet. I wore my flats for the homegoing partly because heels and grass do not mix, and my foot is still on the mend. However, these are the shoes I wanted to wear so I posed in them for a few minutes and took them off as soon as I got inside.

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

(Call everyone – aunts, godmothers, cousins and of course, moms)

Stripes With Flare Skirt - ColorMeLimitlessly by Kaisha (2)


Mock Turtleneck Top (Black & Gray) //H&M

Lobster Hook Faux Pearl Princess Necklace White //Unique Bargains

Marley Tie Waist Box Pleat Midi Skirt (Black) //Boohoo

Mary Jane Patent Pump //Lane Bryant

Gold Foil Ball Studs //Forever21 – Similar Here

Stripes With Flare Skirt - ColorMeLimitlessly by Kaisha (6)

Stripes With Flare Skirt - ColorMeLimitlessly by Kaisha (7)


Stripes With Flare Skirt - ColorMeLimitlessly by Kaisha (3)

Stripes With Flare Skirt - ColorMeLimitlessly by Kaisha (4)

Stripes With Flare Skirt - ColorMeLimitlessly by Kaisha (5)


TimeWise Luminous-Wear® Liquid Foundation – Bronze 2

Mary Kay®Medium-Coverage Foundation –  Ivory 104 
Mary Kay® Brow Definer Pencil – Soft Black  – Similar here
ColourPop  – Lippie Stix – Nevermind and Ultra Matte Lip – Beeper  (together) – other lippies shown here 
Stripes With Flare Skirt - ColorMeLimitlessly by Kaisha (9)
(Excuse the elbow scratch – I didn’t even feel it.)

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  1. You look absolutely stunning and oh so chic in this look! First of all, I love that bun it is so cute! I actually thought it went well with your overall look. Your outfit is very Persian chic with the stripped top and the midi skirt. I thought you also accessorized well with a grab necklace and mary jane shoes to finish off this fab look. Love!

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