Sister – You and Me, Us Never Part…

You & Me <3

My sister and I have been through heck and back. We have argued, fought, yelled but we also have loved and still love each other.  Life has been rocky but we know that we will have each others’  backs no matter what the circumstance. (Cue the music.) Metaphorically speaking, we were attached by the hip, but as time when on we gradually grew apart – at least one of us did.  We realized that in order to know each other we needed time apart to know ourselves a little better.  To kickstart our relationship, we decided to set a date least once a month when we go out or stay in and just hang out and get familiar with each other’s lives.  We will take turns choosing our plans for our day.  This time I chose one of my favorite Thai restaurants and took photos of the meal we shared.  Next time, my  sister will pick – we are such plan freaks! <3  🙂

Share your love.  Enjoy!

Here are photos of the food for the restaurant:

Ebi Ebi & Valentine Roll

Ebi Ebi and Valentine Roll_1


Ebi Ebi Valentine Roll - 2_1


Green Tea & Vanilla Ice Cream

Sister Day - green tea  vanilla_1

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