More Than Sixteen Candles…

More Than Sixteen Candles...3

This past week I celebrated my birthday and for the first time, I really did not feel the need to go out and paint the town red or green (my favorite color, btw.) Instead, I opted for a quiet day filled with love and tranquility. I decided that I was not going to let anything bring me down or steal my birthday joy – shucks, it only comes once a year and it’s mine so I was not going to give my day away.  The younger I get (wink, wink) the more I realize

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It’s The Little Things…

Celebrate The Little Things

This is a late post but it is still the season of graduation and hope so, I figure this post would still fit in. A two weeks ago, I celebrated  a beautiful day – my little, not so little brother’s graduation. It might seem small to some people but when I stepped back and had to think about it, I realized that it is something big. My brother is the late in our family to have the title and be known as a college graduate. He has come so far, has had so many naysayers and been pushed around and for him to come out with a badge of “college graduate” should only stand as a symbol of encouragement for those who feel stuck.

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Stripes With Flare Skirt

Stripes With Flare Skirt - ColorMeLimitlessly by Kaisha (1)

Last week, I attended the home-going of one of my favorite aunts and godmothers, and it was not as sad as I thought it would be. I think it is because my Auntie Morway was a devout Christian, who opened her arms and heart to anyone and everyone.  When I went to the wake, I planned on speaking, but when the chance came, I choked. It bothered me all night that I could not share my story of her wonderful life. But, if I had not choked this is what I would have said:

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