Style Look Book Series: Simply Studded

Simply Studded


Simply Studded by colormelimitlessly 

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Autumn Cold

A U T U M N C O L D | ColorMeLimitlessly - 1

Okay, so I have been away from blogging for a while. Why? Because I wanted to find out of this was my purpose. For a minute, this blog allowed me to open up myself to things I did not think were possible. But, in the middle of it, life situations moved me away from it and away from myself and who, and what I wanted this blog to be. 

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Falling For Red

Falling For Red -1

Have you ever felt that you were from another time? From the way you dressed to the way you thought, or even down to the way you spoke. Well, you are not alone. Others have told me many a time that I have an old soul because of the way thought and spoke, but more times than none because of the way I dressed. Some things, in my opinion, are just timeless as are some people. At the beginning of fall, I have been tapping into my fashion sense and became

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