Treat yo’ self…

…To Some Cake.


My sister and I are self-proclaimed comics that believe that it is good to laugh a lot and often so when she showed me a YouTube clip from one of her favorite televisions shows, Parks and Recreation-I could not help but laugh.  Sometimes, A lot of the time, I go out of my way to make others feel special, and on the flip side, I forget about little ol’ me.  This clip is very befitting and funny if you need a laugh.  On the hit, award-winning television show, Parks and Recreation, actor Aziz Ansari and actress Marietta “Retta” Sirleaf tell us about their favorite time of the year, and demonstrate how we should treat ourselves to anything we want for a day.  I know my treat is not an expensive designer bag or shoes, or even a lunch at a five-star restaurant but it is something that my sister and I have been trying to do forever. Though I’m on my healthy lifestyle kick, I decided to treat myself with something sweet since I have been eating very well lately.  That being said, my sister and I made a cake with whatever we had in the kitchen and it was delish!

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Style Look Book: Fly from the Ground Up (Pilot)

My WishList

Fly from the Ground Up

Doesn’t this look just remind you of an old-school pilot?

I admire many of looks of the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, and in this case, I’m channeling the male pilots of the 40’s and 50’s.  I’m not a movie buff, but think actor David Niven, one of the pilots in Stairway to Heaven formerly known as “A Matter of Life and Death“. If that movie if too far back, you can also use Leonardo DiCaprio in 2004 The Aviator as a reference. I remember seeing a few scenes that capture the style that inspired this look.  They had a real natural, rugged look that was simple yet stylish.  This is the what I believe would be the feminine twist on the 40s pilot look, especially with the jacket.  I own similar pieces of clothing that I plan on posting as a parallel to this look but these item are on my wish list.  

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Style Look Book: Intro

Welcome to My Growing Style Look Book

Hello Everyone,

I love to create and recreate styles combining former eras with more modern looks, mixing different patterns and textures. But, all in all, I love to share my style with others.  I could be eclectic (Love Me And All My Stripes and Travel In Your Own Style)  one day or a minimalist (Passionate MidnightDaring Lady and Unexpected) the next, so I have a set for every girl’s style. I am very sporty (street style – Simply Studded) when running errands such as going the post office to send out mail, preppy mix classic style (City Looks Good on You) when on my way to work, and edgy when going out with my sister and friends  (Check Mate).  I hope you enjoy this post as it is set to change as I create more sets on My Polyvore, so you can always come back to this page for see all the fashion sets all at once.  That was not something I planned but I rather make a not so great thing a positive instead of dwell over it – that creates unwanted wrinkles!  I’m not necessarily restricted to one style because I wear a little bit of everything.

I’m still getting pictures off my camera so I hope I can post my style soon.

Be Limitless!


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