Homemade Green Banana Fritters

We had these green bananas just laying around the kitchen and I figured…hey, it’s just like regulars bananas, right?   The idea came to mind  because I was feeling really hungry and it did not want to buy anything so I made a easy snack.    Though we often use green bananas in our soups, with saltfish or other dishes, when there are ripened I find that they are as sweet as the regular bananas.   I tried to make them all about the same shape, but it did not always turn out that way   I wanted (Sigh).  Nonetheless, it tasted delicious –how would I know for sure? Easy, when the ‘selective eater’ is the first one to stuff their face.

(Serving: 15-20 pcs)


Let’s start with the wet ingredients shall we.

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Style Look Book Date Series: Dreamy Date Night

Dreamy Date Night

 Dreamy Date Night by colormelimitlessly featuring a white wool coat

Glamorous purple bodycon dress / Valentino white wool coat / DV by Dolce Vita strap sandals / Rhinestone studded handbag / Citrine By The Stones purple stone jewelry / Hinged bracelet / Dressy hat

Wondering what outfit to wear on that cold winter night date? Why not show off your curves while covering up yet showing just enough skin?  Hmmm…Legs much?!  Try this winter friendly, yet fashion appropriate ensemble.   Although this season would be the best possible reason to cover up, it is better to have on just enough layers to keep you warm but also feeling comfortable and looking dreamy.  After all, no one wants to have their date tell them that you’re hot (not in the good way), it could make a possibly awkward situation all the more uncomfortable especially when you’re extremely bundled up like a eskimo in an already warm environment.  Matching a shapely and colorful bodycon dress with a warm contrasting coat (I chose white because it is daring in a sense that many still refrain from wearing it during this season), these open-toe shoes (optional) or ankle booties (steal vs. splurge) and a glamourous hat fit for a queen can help you stay warm and look fashionable. This is one of the many looks for dates in the day, night and evening that I would be posting in addition to to usual style look books.  
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Have A Rockin’ Winter

Have A Rockin' Winter


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