My Ultimate 2014 Holiday Gift Guide


Ah, yes, the holiday season is upon us and if you are like any other blogger out in the ‘blogosphere’,  you have prepared or are preparing your holiday list. Though, my blog list might get lost amid the many, I hope those of you who do view enjoy this list. These past few months I have been feeling really blessed so I really want to share the joy with those close to me…(love you mom, dad, fam) and some friends. And, so, this list is inspired by them and the spirit of the holiday season–Giving!

Everyone likes to give in their own way so this list is comprise of ideas for D-I-Y lovers, Fashionistas,  Bargain-Shoppers, Philanthropists / Humanitarian, and many more.

**The Best Gifts Come From the Heart**

Let’s start with the D-I-Y Lovers: (If this is you, what ever you did last year, this year, let’s bump it up a notch.)

{If you have children, some of these would be a great activity}
  • Bake holiday cookies or other holiday treat and bundle it up in a colorful or clear, yet sturdy wrap to go. (You don’t want to be known for giving out broken cookies…just kidding!)
  • Take a family photos and make a collage / Make a video and turn it into a DVD
  • Homemade jewelry – (beads, chains, etc. Be Creative!)
  • Make a snow globe
  • Make personalized ornaments…It just take a few minutes to decorate an ornament with initials 😉

There are many, many more D-I-Y ideas, but I think this list will have some of your brain juices flowing to come up with more ideas.

These D-I-Y photos are not mine but are courtesy of: Instructables, Southern Living,  MyRecipes, Bake350, SallysBakingAddiction, CreativeIndexBlogHappinessIsHomemade and Homedit.

Holiday Cookies - 2014_Fotor

DIY Holiday Gift Idea - 2014 (1) Fotor_Collage

**The Alway Fabulous….Fashionistas**

Now, on to the fabulous Fashionistas – many of whom might find a great outfit or piece that can make any outfit.   Think, what color or item(s) he or she doesn’t have in the wardrobe and work from there.  You might also want to go with jewelry or some form of accessory – it’s the safe way to go if you are in a time – crush or if you don’t know the recipients’ size.

Fashionista Holiday Gift Guide – 2014

**Deals, Deals And More Deals…Bargain Shoppers**

Hello my fellow Bargain Shoppers! This one is for you. As may already know, coupons are great way to save and so is knowing where to shop.  Here’s a trick! Go to a site and select items and leave them in your shopping cart overnight. When you return you might find a deal on those items.

Macy’s always has a sale so you can make it your one-stop shop in-store and online.  Drug stores are also a great place to get deals…they don’t make those weekly flyers for nothing 😛 — Check them out! You might be able to get your friend a gift they would truly love…some of them carry name brands too.

Mary Kay has deals called ‘Beauty on A Budget’ — you can ‘refer a friend’ and get a free gift or discount on your order. If you’re looking for makeup for yourself or for a makeup diva(s), Mary Kay, E.l.f. Cosmetics and drug stores are great stops for brushes, eye colors and the like. If you’re in the NYC Metro area and decide to stop by (with V. Oliver), be sure to enter the code – ‘CML30’ in the comments section at exclusively at to get 30% off your order until 12/22/2014 3p.m. EST. [Discounts will be applied once order is processed]

My Makeup Look

My Beauty Mix: E.l.f. 144 Color Palette (taupe, lavender and lilac with matte champagne color), E.l.f. Highlighter and Definer, E.l.f. lash lengthening mascara, Mary Kay® Medium Coverage Foundation in 500 & 504 , and Limited-Edition Mary Kay® Be Radiant Baked Powder – Dusk for the cheek color.

Etsy has practically all the goodies your heart can desire and helps support small business owners. You can get charm necklaces, monogrammed bedding and bath towels to cool, colorful, and creative phone cases at reasonable prices. Plus, you might come across an owner who might give you a better deal on an already inexpensive item. Who knows, right?

**The True Gift of Giving**

Now, now, the holidays would not be the same without those who have a giving heart and spirit. Yes, you guessed it, the Philanthropists. Any of the aforementioned gifts ideas would be great for you, but you might enjoying the gift of company at a pet shelter if they are an animal lover, or at their local homeless shelter where you and a guest (s) can gift or re-gift items that are no longer serve or will a purpose in your /their home. For tips on how you and a friend can organize the clothes that you will donate this holiday season, click here.  Many people have chimed in on feeding those who are in need and you can join them by supporting causes like…



Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 3.58.50 PM

Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 4.10.10 PM

Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 4.16.36 PM



Gift for Animal Lovers:



Gift for Education Advocates:



…and this list can go on and on. So, check out places or organizations similar to these in your area and grab some friends and family member who would love the gift of giving to others, you will feel good about the difference you can make by just being there for others.

What kind of gift-giver are you?

I hope you enjoy this list, and have come up with some cool gift ideas.

Happy Holidays, and Thanks For Visiting!!!

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