Mom’s Garden Delights – Fig Tree

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Figs! Do you remember Nabisco’s Fig Newtons?  Well, growing up that was the treat that my siblings and I would get from our mother especially when she would not allow us to eat sweets (candy) or junk food.  Though I did not mind the fig treat, as a kid, it did become quite boring. I would rather have a jolly rancher instead of a fruit, or a fruit roll-up made with artificial colors (red tongues, blue tongues) as oppose to the fruit roll-up made with actual fruit. However, I do have to mention that there were times when the all-natural fruit roll-up took the popular vote, especially the strawberry flavored ones. And, funny thing is, I’m not even a big fan of strawberry.  Now, as an adult, I can really appreciate and understand the reasons my mother had us eat healthier foods when we were younger.  That is not to say that I am the healthiest person. Even as a pescatarian, I do have my not-so-healthy moments. And, in these moments, I’m glad that I could still visit my mom’s garden and pick a healthy treat from her fig tree.





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