Style Look Book: Living Life BOLD

Living Life BOLD

Living Life BOLD by Colormelimitlessly


Ever wanted to throw on something that was different or made you feel colorful?  Well, this look is just one of the many looks that makes me feel that way.  Since looks with multiple colors can look a whole lotta’ right or a whole lotta’ wrong with a thin line in between, it is important to mix your looks based on one of the colors.

Needless to say, this look for me is a whole lotta’ right.  It has four bold colors – green, gold, orange and blue, all of which complement each other yet can stand out separately.  To create this look, I used one color as the base of the outfit and worked around it.  If you guessed the blue pants, you are straight on.  However, if you chose the purse, you are not too far off because the orange was the base color for the jewelry and other accessories.

Random Tip: Try wearing a pair of shoes or accessory with a bold color.  It can make a plain outfit quite spectacular without going over the top.

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