It’s The Little Things…

Celebrate The Little Things

This is a late post but it is still the season of graduation and hope so, I figure this post would still fit in. A two weeks ago, I celebrated  a beautiful day – my little, not so little brother’s graduation. It might seem small to some people but when I stepped back and had to think about it, I realized that it is something big. My brother is the late in our family to have the title and be known as a college graduate. He has come so far, has had so many naysayers and been pushed around and for him to come out with a badge of “college graduate” should only stand as a symbol of encouragement for those who feel stuck.

Please excuse me, In this moment, I’m going to talk to my brother:

I am so proud of you. You have spent many days, nights, weekends and even holidays striving to become the person that you are today and I salute you for it. Working and going to school, taking extra shifts, covering others’ shift for holidays (missing out on holiday vacations) so that you can afford the things you need for your courses. Challenging yourself with classes somewhat out of your field. Staying in your room and practically glued to your chair until you get the answers right. Asking for help when you are stuck. You might not remember how far you have come but I am so proud to be in your corner to remind you. Love, your little big sis.

Take pride in the “little” things that bring you joy and others joy. The same little things that you can do and are big things that might not be able to do. Needless to say, smile and laugh when you can. Celebrate the small victories – passing an exam, learning to read, making it across the finish line, learning to drive, becoming an entrepreneur, and making your first sale. The list can go on, and on.

Now, on a more colorful note, to celebrate this wonderful occasion, I decided to wear something girly with a bit of country flare. No, I’m not from the country but I love the style so I decided to go soft with the pretty blush dress. I paired it with a fedora, which, right now, is as close to a country hat that I have in my wardrobe. I took some photos without the hat because my hair wanted a cameo. ? Hope you enjoy!

Celebrate The Little Things - 2


Paisley Lace Flare Sleeve Dress (Blush) // Love J

Silver Shell and Beads Necklace

Patch Up Flats // Bamboo

Hosiery (Dark Brown – Sandalfoot)

Tan Fedora // Forever21 – Similar Here

Celebrate The Little Things - 3

Celebrate The Little Things - 4

Celebrate The Little Things - 5

Celebrate The Little Things - 11


TimeWise Luminous-Wear® Liquid Foundation – Bronze 2

Mary Kay®Medium-Coverage Foundation –  Ivory 104 
Mary Kay® Brow Definer Pencil – Soft Black  – Similar here
ColourPop  – Ultra Matte Lip – Beeper  – other lippies shown here 

Celebrate The Little Things - 7

Celebrate The Little Things - 10

Celebrate The Little Things - 8

Celebrate The Little Things - 9

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