Healthier Me: Freshly Picked Raspberries

Freshly Picked Raspberries 1_1

I was wondering what I would be snacking on tomorrow. (Yes, I’m that kind of girl — the one that thinks about what to eat and even wear the day before.) Then, my mom invited me to pick from her garden filled with veggies and other fruitful delights, one in particular being the raspberries.  She has three separate bushes for raspberries, yum.  Before I packed them in baggies for tomorrow I thought I shared a few pics of how they looked freshly picked from the bush.  If you did not know, raspberries are filled with awesome nutrients. I am still learning about raspberries and its benefits.  It contains antioxidants that can aid in protecting us from the free radicals that are harmful to our bodies.

I haven’t created a recipe for raspberries just yet but I’m open to any ideas.  Here are some ideas that I read up on:


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Freshly Picked 3_1


Freshly Picked 5_1


Freshly Picked 4_1



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