Sister, Have A Drink On Me…

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Ever had a week that seemed pretty empty and before you knew it you were running in circles to complete unexpected errands?  Well, this past week seemed just like that but before this past week began I went out with my sister to enjoy our monthly sister day outing during the 4th of July weekend.  With each outing we are getting closer — yay to sisterly love.  This time around we almost forgot about our sister outing, so much so that June sister day flipped into July (but hey, with the festivities and the anticipation of the festivities and then the disappointment of the weather (rain, humidity), it’s understandable.)  We went to a restaurant called Pink Nori to relax, unwind and enjoy the beautiful day on Sunday with Japanese cuisine and drinks.

At the same time we went, we got to see a couple of vendors selling delicious and even chic articles of clothing at the street fair in the same strip.  Unfortunately, we spend a great deal of time cackling in Pink Nori that we missed the chance to enjoy the rest of the fair — hence, no pictures. Sorry.  🙁

On the bright side, my sister and I had a great time and the food was delicious and the staff were very friendly.  We are already planning to visit this place again.  If you are in NY, in the area and would love to try them out they are on, Seamless, and GrubHub.

Treat Yo’ Self !!!Sister Day - 7.6.14_1

Here’s what we tried at:

Pink Nori

Lychee Mimosas

Sakuri Mai Tia

Pinot Grigio

Flamingo Dragon Roll

Sexy Pink Lady Roll

Godzilla Roll

Fried Ice Cream  (Vanilla)


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Sister Day - 7.6.14_2

 Thanks For Visiting! 🙂


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