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It has taken some years but I am getting use to letting things go.  When I say “things”  I mean clothes and other items that I have lying around just taking up space.  My sister would be the first one to tell anyone that I keep things that hold sentimental value or what I choose to make sentimental.  For instance, I still have some things from elementary school that I will give away…eventually. (One thing I would not give away is my kindergarten uniform because my late grandmother hand-sewn a white button on it.   Although the button was supposed to be green, I still love it because it is unique and a memory.)

After watching an episode about de-cluttering from the OWN reality show, Raising Whitley, I took the initiative of starting my spring cleaning a little earlier.  I have decided to donate or giving away two articles of clothing for every one item that I purchased.   I just purchased 6 articles of clothing, so you do the math.  This works great for me because I have some clothes that need the boot because space is limited.  As  giving away clothes can be a challenge, I borrowed the technique that Kim Whitley’s declutter coach used, which is basically asking yourselves whether you love or like an item.  If you love your item, you keep it and if you like the item, you pack it up to give away.

As distressing as it might sounds, there are several people who could use the clothes. Not only the homeless, but many of them need it, too.

Here’s  are a list of places where you can donate:

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