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The Green Festival® is coming to town and its starting in New York City.   In its third year and at a new venue (Pier 94) on April 26-27, the festival is inviting everyone to discover more and be more “green” – live a sustainable and healthier life.  At the Green Festival®, you’ll be exposed to several panels of  inspirational speakers who believe in living green and a variety of products and services that embody living  green – from food and health to fashion.   Entertainment will surround you as you hear the live music, play educational activities and taste dishes from the vegan and vegetarian cooking demos.  And, there’s more… you will have a chance to choose to shop from more than 300 eco-friendly businesses promoting all-natural body care products, organic clothing, Fair Trade items and more.  Are you excited yet?  

If you are going to be in New York City, stop by!  But, if not, do not fret as the event will also take place in Washington, D.C.,  twice in sunny California – Sacramento and Los Angeles, and Chicago (chi-town, as some call it).  Though these events seem quite far away you do not want to miss out.  As of now, today, Tuesday, April 15 (tax day…btw) is the last day to purchase tickets for the festival in Washington, D.C. for May 31. 

Get Your Green On!

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