Chambray, Sparkle ‘n’ Armour

Chambray 'n' Sparkle - ColorMeLimitlessly by Kaisha

Last week was very life changing for me because I finally starting to feel like myself.  The self I have not seen in years. I got out of my own way and allowed faith to proceed. I stopped myself from thinking so hard about what others were things about me and decided that I will not let that stop me from doing what I feel is right. Well, right for me anyway.

Okay, enough of me being extremely vague (I’ll just be semi-vague). Recently, I was put in a situation where I felt like I was being backed against a wall and no one was able to help me.  I had people requesting things from me on my right and then people on my left. And so, I as a perfectionist, I wanted so much to be a people pleaser that I nearly drove myself mad.  So, I did what any other strong-minded person would do  in my situation, I thought about my next move to get out. Not avoid, but get out of a situation that would not benefit me or those around me by saying enough is enough, is ENOUGH. (Not out loud, of course. But, the thought did cross my mind!) I used my resources and did a lot of meditating and hail Mary’s to get the confidence to confront the issue and say ‘hey, I am but one person carrying this load. I am not lazy, but I need help and am open to suggestions‘. Well, lordy, if I tell you that I was not nervous, I would be lying but my mission to overcome being overwhelmed was much, much stronger.

That being said, I decided that I would dedicate this post to being stronger, and more self-assured. I am not saying by any means necessary that I have all the tools, or am put all the way together. However, I will say that now and especially toward the end of last week that I felt more at peace with myself and how I handled a very awkward but opportune situation. Here are some of the photos that were shot that weekend. My brother took a couple of couples of me alongside the building with a nice yellow backdrop. I’ve wanted to take photos there for months, but that weekend just felt right. I hope you all in enjoy!

Chambray 'n' Sparkle - ColorMeLimitlessly by Kaisha (4)


Katy Ribbon Trim Floppy Brim Hat // Boohoo

Chambray Shirt // BP. Clothing

Statement Necklace (Max) // Mirina Collections (Use kaisha20 for 20% off sitewide)

Women’s Cotton Pants (Navy) // Liz Claiborne Liz sports (oldie)

Multicolored Scarf // Similar here

Rebel-20 Chelsea Inspired Ankle Boot // Bamboo

Chambray 'n' Sparkle - ColorMeLimitlessly by Kaisha (3)

Chambray 'n' Sparkle - ColorMeLimitlessly

Chambray 'n' Sparkle - ColorMeLimitlessly

(These two photos below are courtesy of my younger brother, Jason, an artist – Thanks, bro!!!) Not bad as his first model for with his professional camera, eh?!


Chambray 'n' Sparkle - ColorMeLimitlessly by Kaisha


Chambray 'n' Sparkle - ColorMeLimitlessly

Mary Kay® TimeWise® Luminous-Wear® Liquid Foundation – Bronze 3

Mary Kay®Medium-Coverage Foundation – Bronze 500 + Bronze 504

Mary Kay® Sheer Mineral Pressed Powder

e.l.f. Studio Eyebrow Lifter & Filler – Ivory / Medium

e.l.f. Essential Cosmetics – The Endless Looks Kit (51468)

Colors used from kit:  Silver  eye shadow, Taupe eyeshadow, Charcoal (black) eyeshadow, Shimmery Plum &  eyeshadow (used on the cheek)

Mary Kay® Brow Definer Pencil – Brunette

Mary Kay® Ultimate Mascara™ – Black / Brown

Limited-Edition Mary Kay® Be Radiant Baked Powder (Similar Here)

Silver Dual Eyeliner (Similar Here)

e.l.f. Long-Wear Lipliner Pencil (#1905)

ColourPop Lippie Stix – Tootsi

ColourPop Ultra Matte – Beeper (more colors also shown here)

Chambray 'n' Sparkle - ColorMeLimitlessly by Kaisha

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