The POWER of Pink

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2014 Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Kickoff Breakfast

The American Cancer Society (ACS) Making Strides Against Breast Cancer  invited me to  attend the annual kickstart breakfast to meet other supporters of the cause and get motivated to raise more to end the disease.  To start the breakfast all the survivors were given a candle lit pink cupcake to blow out s a symbol of having more birthdays to celebrate. I have to say it was a beautiful sight. There were moments where I was moved to tears.

Later on, various women and men spoke up about their relationship to the disease. The women who spoke were survivors of the breast cancer. They each shared how wonderful ACS and other supporters were and are to them throughout their journey into recovery. One women shared how she struggled with not wanting to be weak in front of the people she knew so calling the ACS 24/7 hotline to vent about how she feels.  Another women spoke about being struck twice with the disease in 1990 and then years later, and how ACS was there for her both times. A man spoke about being just a teenager when his mother and grandmother were diagnosed.  To lighten the mood,  the host threw in some antidotal comments that helped tie the event together.

While concluding the event ACS presented us with a brief video about the ongoing cancer awareness advocacy movement called “Put the Power of the Purse Behind Research.”  The movement is to promote research funded by the government by gathering supporters to tell Congress how important it is for the government to not sit on its wallet while so much can be done to save the lives  of so many.

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Put the Power of the Purse Behind Cancer Research and Prevention

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We Said Yes To No Breast Cancer



Since 2011, I have been contributing to the end of breast cancer by participating and recruiting team members for the annual walk.  Over the last couple of years,  my team has raised money in the hundreds but this time, I am dreaming BIG and would like us to make a BIGGER impact on the fight against breast cancer.

Like most, people close to me have been affected by breast and many have survived and sadly others have not.  Breast cancer awareness is one of the many causes that I support.  Its research is on the rise but more still needs to be done. Last year, I attended the kickoff breakfast but because of transportation issues I ended up there just in time to hear “Amen” as my family would say. Nonetheless, I felt empowered by the room filled with men and women in support of more birthdays (survivors). It was a sea of pink and that’s not including the crowd of people. This year I will be attending again and I look forward to being there from beginning to end to get inspired, excited and fire up to support this cause. My family and I have said ‘yes’ to NO breast cancer and we look forward to celebrating more birthdays.

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Say ‘Yes’ to NO Breast Cancer!

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