A Healthier Me… Salt Fish / Cod Fish Recipe

Healthier Saltfish - Before
Healthier Saltfish: After

I’m a vegetarian…well, technically speaking, a pescatarian and when I tell people they presume that I live a completely healthy lifestyle.  In fact, like many vegetarians, outside of not eating animal meat, I eat sweets and other junk food (anything not homemade).  As a result, I have noticed that my energy is not the same as it used to be. I feel sluggish and hungry but for the wrong things.  I decided that I did not want to feel like tired anymore so starting this year I tried to eat a little healthier by added more veggies such as bok choy and spinach to my meals like the saltfish / cod fish.

The picture on the left is the before, pre-cooked ingredients, and on the right is the after with the bok chou.  This recipe includes sweet red and green peppers, onions (which I just started adding this to my diet because I could not stand eating anything made with it.   I remember picking it out of my food and piling it in the corner of my plate) and a little bit of  turmeric.   My family uses a lot of spices that have great healthy benefits, turmeric, being one of them. It is known to assist in healing inflammation and as research continues more benefits are being discovered.   It was delish and healthy

Let me know the way you cook yours.

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