Sister, It’s A Beautiful Day…

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This past weekend I took my sister out for sister day to see Disney’s recent re-make ‘Maleficient‘ in 3D and have a late lunch / dinner at a local thai restaurant called Thai Boulevard Restaurant.  The day was nothing short of beautiful — the sun was shining and the winds was gently blowing.  It was just and all around beautiful day. And, honestly, when I think of this day the song “Beautiful Day” by U2 comes to mind, especially the part where the vocalists go “ahhhh“. (Those of you who have heard the song know what I’m talking about.) My sister and I look forward to these days because we can openly and honestly speak to one another about who we feel. No cellphones, outside calls or text messages are welcomed because it is just about us and solidifying our relationship. This day could not have been more fitting for us. Maleficient was awesome but it felt short, maybe because my sister and I were so invested in the characters. I have taken a few photos from the day, including my outfit of the day.

Sister Day - 53114 pt.1_1

Look of the Day:

Yellow Shirt with Shoulder Slits
Black Sheer Skirt
Black Flat Shoes

Fresh Water Pearl and Diamond Earrings

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Sister Day - 53114 pt. 2_1

Red Curry


Shrimp Rolls with Plum Sauce

Fried Ice Cream


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 Have A Beautiful Day!


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My Style: Dress for the Wedding Guest

Wedding_Friend I know that it is about time that I show off some of my personal style so here is just a preview.  I went to my friend’s wedding a couple of years back and while I was searching for the perfect dress I stumbled upon this prom website. The dresses there were not only from proms but it had more prom dresses — probably, because it was around this time. I was so excited when I finally found the dress that I wanted. I had a moment — you know, the moment when your eyes widen and your jaw slightly drops. I was practically racing to get to the shopping cart because I started to notice that dresses were selling out after I refreshed my page.  I ordered it and it was in the hands of ground shipping. While awaiting the delivery of my dress I still kept searching.  I came across a dress that I also liked but I postponed purchasing since I was expecting my dress in the mail. When the dress finally  arrived I was so excited that I called my mom and my sister over to see it.  I tried it on and it did not fit. I was so upset because the wedding was days away – DAYS! I immediately contact the company to return it but I decided not to exchange because I was afraid that the same thing would happen. I measured everything just as it had ask and order my size based on the dress guide.  I ended up getting store credit to use until next year — (BTW, I completely forgot to use my store credit). Finally, I went back to that other site ( where I found a dress that I liked and ordered it without question. I told myself that if this dress did not fit I was going to go and find something in my closet even if it was a pants suit.   The second dress had fit and looked A-MAZ-ing! I took pictures after the wedding. I could not find the other pictures… 🙁  Lulu’s site has great dresses for practically all events (weddings, birthdays and oh yeah…prom) and what makes it more awesome are the promotional discount codes like ‘IET54F‘. With this code, you would be able to get an additional 20% Off Dresses on sale from now until June 30.    

UPDATE:  I want to be completely honest and state that Lulu’s is an affiliate with The dress featured above was purchased over 2 years before the affiliation was established, but the code was given through this recent affiliation for promotional purposes.

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