Black & White Tribal Prints


Wow…the last couples of days have sped by pretty quickly. I feel as if we were just in April and now we are toward the end of May.  So, it’s official spring has just brush passed us and now we are in summer. But, I am still keeping my eye on the weather and my cardigans ready. Anywho, I had wore this outfit (featured above and below) to an event with my mother and we had a great time.

Ever planned to go somewhere, bought tickets only to later realized that you already had other plans for that day? Well, that’s what happened, except my mom and I benefited. My aunt had double-booked herself and offered her tickets to us for a local show. With this look, I wanted to show the versatility of the outfit by taking pictures of the ways it could be worn (with the midriff showing or not which is how I wore it considering how drafty the weather has been but also because I do not have a very long torso. So it ending up looking like a tribal print dress instead of a crop top set.)

[Sidebar]:Eek…this is a first for me because I am very self-conscientious about ‘showing skin,’ so I feel nervous yet empowered at the same time. Long story, short, I am probably not the girl walking around the beach in a bikini but who knows…I am learning to be a limitless.

Now, if my kicks look familiar here it is because it is the sneaker wedges that I wore last year in my post, Fun Night to Be Tie-Dyed and Beautified.  To add some edge to this tribal print outfit, instead of wearing heels or wedges I went with the sneaker wedges. For the full look, check out the photos below.

Black & White Tribal Prints_Fotor

Outfit of The Day:

Lara Aztec Knitted Crop Top and Skirt Co-Ord Set

3X2 4PC Knuckle Ring Set

Wedge Sneaker (Black): Thunder-22





My Beauty MixMakeup


Great photo shared via Fotor-2

Mary Kay®Medium-Coverage Foundation – Bronze 504 (use a darker color for Summer)
e.l.f. Essential Cosmetics  – Studio Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter (81502)
e.l.f. Essential Cosmetics – The Endless Looks Kit (51468)
Colors used from kit 
*Shimmery pale gold eye shadow, *Shimmery Silver eye shadow,*Matte Champagne eye shadow, *Matte Chocolate eye shadow, * Matte Cherry eye shadow (as cheek color), * Shimmery Lavender Magenta
Mary Kay® Lash  Lengthening Mascara – Brown / Black 
Mary Kay® Tinted Lip Balm Sunscreen w/SPF 15′ – Natural 
Mary Kay® Limited Edition, Lip Suede – Luscious Plum (045782)
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