Fotor_142465612340043_CML_Fotor_Collage_FotorHello Everyone,

My name is Kaisha and this blog is about a little bit of everything. I love to sing, dance, and  since I was small, play dress up. Though I love to do all those things, I  have found myself more and more drawn to fashion.

I started this blog to liberate myself by showing others the real me.  The ‘me’ that loves fashion, would share parts of my life as encouragement to others ,and my interest in community service and nonprofits.  I’M NOT A SOCIALITE…but… I like meeting great new people who believe in making a positive difference.  Community service is one of the ways I plan on meeting these people because I would be supporting a good cause and be around others who share the same values.  I like surrounding myself with people who can be serious when it counts but would make you laugh so hard until you cry.

BEING LIMITLESS.   Overcoming all the things in my life that have made me feel limited–because it is a feeling after all.  My mother gave me a few words of wisdom as she usually does when I feel sad, overwhelmed or annoyed so I like to share them with you…“no one can make you feel anyway unless you allow them.” In 2009, I started a hair blog beginning my journey to healthy hair care because it was and still is something that I love.  

After much though, and many a nights talking to the voice in my head – I decided to step out on faith and created ColorMeLimitlessly.com. I wanted to do so many things on this blog in addition to sharing fashion tips and makeup — hence the name. Plus, if you followed me on my hair blog you’d know that I practically started all my albums with the title, Color Me.

I hope you all enjoy visiting my site. Now, let’s not be strangers.

Be Limitless!


♡ ColorMeLimitlessly ♡